Oct 26

What Is Digital Legal Talent?

“Talent” is a common term lacking a conventional meaning. The importance of a working definition goes far beyond semantics; it is critical to individual and enterprise success. Talent, like other elements of digital transformation,  is a fluid, nuanced word with many facets. Talent wars have heated up across multiple industries... read more →
Oct 11
Sep 14
Aug 14

Legal Change Derives From Business Digital Transformation

The first of this two-part series examines how and why legal change derives from business digital transformation. The second segment analyzes the legal function’s transition from cost center to value creator and how to quantify its value.   Legal industry change is a business story more than a legal one.... read more →
Jul 27

Minding Law’s Digital Gap: It’s Real; It’s Big; And It Matters

The legal industry has a digital gap separating it from business and its customers. This is a high-stakes challenge exacerbated by the legal ecosystem’s widespread failure to recognize, much less address it. Business is adversely affected by a digitally laggard legal function. That’s why the C-Suite and corporate Boards expect... read more →
Jun 28
May 25
Legal Mosaic

Law Is A Team Sport In The Digital Age

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” -Andrew Carnegie The legal profession’s “lawyer and non-lawyer’” mindset is alive, if not well. A recent Bloomberg Law article... read more →
Apr 26
Apr 06
Mar 08
Customer satisfaction compass business target goal direction

Portrait Of The Customer-Centric Legal Function

Digital transformation is all about customers. It is a paradigm-shifting, holistic journey companies embark upon to capture, retain, and leverage them as corporate assets. Customer-centricity is its North Star, and brand loyalty its prize. An enhanced, constantly improving, end-to-end customer experience is the means of achieving and sustaining brand loyalty... read more →