May 02
May 01

How to Nail a Speaker Slot

In advance of his headline speaking slot at Legal Geek North America Conference, Mark Cohen talks with Legal Geek about the evolution of his public speaking skills and what it takes to land a speaker slot.
Apr 25

Law’s Emerging Elite: Enterprise Legal Service Providers, Part 3

Mies van der Rohe, the noted architect, remarked: “Architecture depends on its time.” The same can be said about business structures. The last decade has seen a profound change in business architecture. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and other tech-enabled, consumer-centric companies have built new business models that have transformed the customer... read more →
Apr 16

Law’s Emerging Elite: Enterprise Legal Service Providers, Part 2

The first article in this three-part series introduced enterprise legal service providers (ELSP’s), proclaiming their entitlement to the “elite” status accorded a cadre of brand-differentiated traditional partnership model firms. This essay analyzes in greater depth the emergent, transformative, and impactful role that enterprise legal service providers play in the global legal marketplace.  ELSP’s are... read more →
Mar 29

Law’s Emerging Elite: Enterprise Legal Service Providers, Part 1

Anyone familiar with the legal industry can tick off the names of its elite law firms. They have distanced themselves from other firms by their demonstrated differentiated practice expertise essential in high-value legal practice matters. Legal acumen has long been the standard of excellence in law. Escalating demands on corporate... read more →
Mar 29
Mar 11

New International Teaching Engagements

IE Law School (Spain)—Visiting Professor teaching three Master Classes  College of Law (Australia)— Faculty Fellow, & Program Board, Master of Legal Business Program
Mar 11
Mar 11
Feb 25

Clients Need Legal Services But Not Necessarily Lawyers

A recent New York Times Opinion piece, “Everyone Needs Legal Help. That Doesn’t Mean Everyone Needs a Lawyer” spotlights Rebecca Sandefur, a sociologist whose career has focused on studying lawyers. The “genius” MacArthur fellowship she received for her work is evidence that one need not have a law license to opine meaningfully about the legal... read more →