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Mar 11
Mar 11
Mar 11
Apr 16

Law’s Emerging Elite: Enterprise Legal Service Providers, Part 2

The first article in this three-part series introduced enterprise legal service providers (ELSP’s), proclaiming their entitlement to the “elite” status accorded a cadre of brand-differentiated traditional partnership model firms. This essay analyzes in greater depth the emergent, transformative, and impactful role that enterprise legal service providers play in the global legal marketplace.  ELSP’s are... read more →
Mar 29
Mar 29

“Legal Services” Are Whatever Buyers Need To Solve Business Challenges

Lawyers have a penchant for defining terms. Why then is there no commonly accepted meaning for “legal services?” One reason is that, until relatively recently, legal services were delivered principally by lawyers working at firms. The Cambridge English Dictionary, for example, still defines “legal services” as “work done by a lawyer... read more →
Feb 25
Feb 11

The Paul Weiss Class of 2018: A Broader View of Big Law Partnership and Priorities

Paul Weiss issued a press release on December 7, 2018 announcing the promotion of a dozen  associates to partnership, effective January 1, 2019. Such announcements rarely receive attention beyond the new partners and their family, friends, and  professional colleagues. This was different. When Paul Weiss posted a photo on LinkedIn of its all-white crop... read more →
Jan 31
Jan 28