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Jul 09
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May 01

How to Nail a Speaker Slot

In advance of his headline speaking slot at Legal Geek North America Conference, Mark Cohen talks with Legal Geek about the evolution of his public speaking skills and what it takes to land a speaker slot.
Mar 11

New International Teaching Engagements

IE Law School (Spain)—Visiting Professor teaching three Master Classes  College of Law (Australia)— Faculty Fellow, & Program Board, Master of Legal Business Program
Mar 11
Mar 31

COVID-19 Will Turbocharge Legal Industry Transformation

How will COVID-19 change the legal industry and what will it look like after-Corona? Short answer: the coronavirus will turbocharge legal industry transformation. It will propel law into the digital age and reshape its landscape. The entire legal ecosystem will be affected—consumers, providers, the Academy, and the judicial system. CLICK... read more →
Mar 10

The Legal Industry Needs A Standardized Vocabulary—Even If Legalese Remains

Linguistic precision is a must-have in the legal toolbox. Words matter—especially to lawyers. Lengthy “definitions” sections are standard fare in lawyer-crafted contracts. Who but lawyers parse definite and indefinite articles or contest the meaning of the word “is?” Semantic gymnastics are exercised regularly by the legal profession. With all the... read more →
Feb 18
Feb 04

Atrium Sheds Lawyers: Why Is This Such A Big Legal Industry Story?

Atrium, the Silicon Valley tech company and law firm, is laying off the bulk of its law firm staff. Justin Kan, the tech company’s CEO and co-Founder, wrote that Atrium “will continue expanding outside of legal services as trusted startup advisors by building a professional services network dedicated to founders.”... read more →
Jan 10

2020 Vision: Focus On Defending The Rule Of Law

The legal industry is principally focused on technology, new models, competition, reregulation, the sustainability of the traditional partnership model--issues that impact stakeholder livelihoods and career trajectories. Defending the rule of law is a less concrete, but seminal challenge the industry must focus on in 2020 and beyond. It is law’s... read more →
Dec 30

Holiday Wish List For The Legal Industry

The Stones intoned, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” That’s certainly true for the legal industry.  Here’s my holiday wish list for its key stakeholders. 1.  Law Schools: ·     Align with the marketplace ·     Cut cost ·     Prepare students for the profession/industry as it is, not as it was. This requires practice skills... read more →
Dec 30
Dec 22

Legal Leader in Tech Interview

How can legal technology make legal services more relevant to consumers and what’s holding the legal sector back? We speak to Mark A. Cohen, CEO and Founder of Legal Mosaic, global thought leader on legal technology and regular contributor to Forbes. Read the full article
Dec 18
Dec 03

Law in the Age of the Customer

This is the age of the customer. The asymmetrical advantage that sellers long held over buyers is gone. Consumers have access to market information and choice that has transformed the buy-sell dynamic. Social media provides them with a reference source and a voice. The balance of power has shifted from... read more →