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Apr 14

Can $1,500 per Hour Be Good Value?

The Guardian recently reported that senior partners at Magic Circle firms now charge 1,100 pounds an hour– that’s $1,500 plus an expensive lunch. U.S. firms average a bit less, but their rates are not for the faint-of-budget, either. The National Law Journal reported that for 2014 the top 14 U.S.-based... read more →
Apr 12

Insource or Outsource?: Law Firm Version

Remember the Clash song “Should I Stay or Should I Go”? The opening chords and lyrics come to mind when the “Do I insource or outsource?” question is raised. And that is happening a lot these days- both the question and the flashbacks. (more…)
Apr 12
Apr 11

Panama Papers From Another Perspective

Panama has long been a crossroads. Even before the construction of the Canal, it had ties to people from many countries. Panama’s connection to the international community has been confirmed again, but this time it is because of a cyber breach that is a doozey. (more…)
Apr 04

Perspective: A Response to Penn. Bar President Regarding ABA Law Connect

Pennsylvania Bar President William Pugh’s response to my article on ABA Law Connect was swift and predictable. His perspective explains why my piece was entitled: “The Opposition to ABA Law Connect was about Lawyer Protectionism, Not Public Good.” His argument makes the best case for mine. (more…)
Apr 04
Mar 29

The Future Keeps Happening To Legal Services

Google’s self-driven car recently collided with a city bus. It was the fender bender heard round the world. Why? Automation’s mishap was a momentary reprise – and great relief for millions – from its replacement of human drivers. After all, nearly 20 percent of Americans have jobs that involve driving.... read more →
Mar 25

Perspective: Are Law Firms Just Like Other Vendors?

I recently spoke at a Legal Procurement conference where the topic was “Managing Relationships.” My takeaway: providers want to know how to close business and buyers want more for less — and know they can get it. It’s a jungle out there. Has legal buy and sell devolved from a... read more →
Mar 17
Mar 10