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Feb 11

Has the Legal Services Deck Been Reshuffled?

Ever watch card players shuffle the deck?  The purpose, of course, is to rearrange the cards for a new game. It’s a “reboot.” And it’s entertaining. Is that what we are seeing with legal delivery: a reshuffling of the deck? For decades, the game has been played without a remix.... read more →
Feb 04

The Model for Law Firms Looking to Improve Client Relations

Most people – especially lawyers – would not imagine that a legal technology company’s focus is on customer satisfaction. After all, aren’t those companies, so the thinking goes, bent on replacing lawyers? A recent visit to LegalZoom revealed that it is deeply committed to ensuring its technology is customer friendly.... read more →
Jan 27
Jan 21

The Rise of Lawyer 2.0

The future of lawyers is a hot topic these days. Some suggest that technology- especially the rise of artificial intelligence (AI)- will render many obsolete. Others point to the incursion of other professional groups- notably the Big Four and consultancies- into what was once the “legal” space.  There’s no end... read more →
Jan 07

What’s a Quality Law Firm?

Justice Potter Stewart’s celebrated “I know it when I see it” obscenity test also applies to law firm quality. No one can quite say what it is, but most attorneys and clients claim to know it when they see it. This is a very subjective standard in a metric driven... read more →
Jan 05

Law School and the Legal Marketplace

Mark Cohen, founder and CEO of Legal Mosaic, talks with Lee Pacchia about legal education and the legal marketplace. Cohen notes “You can't consider law schools without considering the legal market place." He explains the interplay between the two and the need for greater collaboration between the Academy and the private... read more →
Dec 30

What’s A Lawyer?

With the legal delivery system experiencing disruption, it is fair to ask: “What’s a lawyer?” While legal practice-what lawyers do-may not have changed much over the past few decades, the delivery of legal service-how and by what structure they are delivered- certainly has. Disaggregation of legal tasks has disrupted the... read more →
Dec 25

A Holiday Wish List for the Legal Vertical

It’s that time of year again when gifts are exchanged and returned; resolutions are made and quickly breached; and hopes for the future abound- so long as one stays away from the news and social media. So, in the spirit of the season- and recognizing what follows is as likely... read more →
Dec 10

Around The World, It’s “Hola, Dentons”

Dentons is the Donald Trump of the legal vertical. The firm is brash, bigger-than-life, and something entirely different.  It receives a disproportionate amount of press  because it is always doing something that drops jaws. Around The World in 80 Days (Almost) Dentons has had a very busy year expanding across... read more →
Dec 02

What Law Firms Can Learn From Amazon and Wayne Gretzky

Amazon’s shares have doubled during the past year in a flat market. Good news for Amazon shareholders, but what-you might be wondering-does this have to do with the legal vertical? Lots. Law firms-and legal service providers -can learn from Amazon’s remarkable success. A recent article by Farhad Manjoo, “How Amazon’s... read more →