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Jul 09
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How to Nail a Speaker Slot

In advance of his headline speaking slot at Legal Geek North America Conference, Mark Cohen talks with Legal Geek about the evolution of his public speaking skills and what it takes to land a speaker slot.
Mar 11

New International Teaching Engagements

IE Law School (Spain)—Visiting Professor teaching three Master Classes  College of Law (Australia)— Faculty Fellow, & Program Board, Master of Legal Business Program
Mar 11
Jul 15

Law Schools’ Lost Opportunity

Law schools have ceded an opportunity to shore up their balance sheets and to do right by grads, the legal industry, and the broader society. How? They have failed to transition from three-year degree stopovers to learning centers for life that upskill grads and other professionals throughout their careers. This would have... read more →
Jul 09
Jun 27

Why Is Law So Slow To Use Data?

“Data is the oil of the digital era,” proclaims a 2017 Economist article. Big business—especially tech giants like Alphabet (Google’s parent), Amazon, Facebook, and Apple among others—are mining data like Standard Oil processed petroleum a century before. Why is the legal industry still running on gut and instinct while the businesses it... read more →
Jun 09

What’s Up With Axiom?

Not long ago, Axiom was often touted as law’s next big thing. The on-demand corporate legal talent company that launched in 2000 has enjoyed nearly two decades of expanding revenue, client base, talent pool, and brand recognition. Still, the industry spotlight long cast on Axiom has shifted in recent years... read more →
May 28

Law’s Looming Skills Crisis

The trillion-dollar global legal industry has a looming skills crisis. Its roots extend far beyond law grads entering the marketplace lacking “practice-ready” capability or the vanishing, client-subsidized, on-the-job-training that firms once provided to young associates. Law’s skills crisis derives from the profession’s insular, self-regulated, anachronistic conceptions of what it means... read more →
May 08

Getting Beyond The Tech in Legal Tech

The legal industry is awash in all things “legal tech.” Tech start-ups are popping up like Starbucks. Legal tech conferences and hackathons are everywhere. Investment in legal tech set an all-time high—up an astonishing 713% in 2018. There is rapid consolidation within the tech sector, a sign of its maturity.... read more →
Apr 25

Law’s Emerging Elite: Enterprise Legal Service Providers, Part 3

Mies van der Rohe, the noted architect, remarked: “Architecture depends on its time.” The same can be said about business structures. The last decade has seen a profound change in business architecture. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and other tech-enabled, consumer-centric companies have built new business models that have transformed the customer... read more →