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Why Is Law So Slow To Use Data?

“Data is the oil of the digital era,” proclaims a 2017 Economist article. Big business—especially tech giants like Alphabet (Google’s parent), Amazon, Facebook, and Apple among others—are mining data like Standard Oil... read more →

What’s Up With Axiom?

Not long ago, Axiom was often touted as law’s next big thing. The on-demand corporate legal talent company that launched in 2000 has enjoyed nearly two decades of expanding revenue,... read more →

Law’s Looming Skills Crisis

The trillion-dollar global legal industry has a looming skills crisis. Its roots extend far beyond law grads entering the marketplace lacking “practice-ready” capability or the vanishing, client-subsidized, on-the-job-training that firms... read more →

How to Nail a Speaker Slot

In advance of his headline speaking slot at Legal Geek North America Conference, Mark Cohen talks with Legal Geek about the evolution of his public speaking skills and what it... read more →