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Jan 26

Disruption Interruptus – Part 2

Legal Disruption at the Margins Last week's post discussed how the legal vertical is primed for interruption. So why hasn’t something big happened yet? If we follow Clayton Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation, we can identify change at the margins: the rise of legal service providers. They have wrested “high... read more →
Jan 19
Jan 12

Consulting with Consultants

Some friends who run a successful legal consulting boutique called me the other day to wish me a Happy New Year, to catch up, and to talk about their marketing plans for the coming year. “We have decided to concentrate on the AmLaw 200,” one of them said, “so where... read more →
Dec 22

A Holiday Wish List for the Legal Vertical

It’s that time of year again when gifts are exchanged–and returned; resolutions are made–and quickly breached; and hopes for the future abound–so long as one does not watch the news or follow social media. So in the spirit of the season, and recognizing that what follows is decidedly aspirational, here... read more →
Dec 15

A Broader View of Change in the Legal Marketplace

Law is not an Island Much has been written about the causes and effects–immediate and longer-term–of change in the legal marketplace. Such analysis is a busman’s holiday for lawyers who have a proclivity for identifying “issues” (read: “problems”) but are far less likely to advance solutions. Most everyone agrees by... read more →
Dec 09
Dec 02

The “Fat Middle” and the “Lean Middle”

The “Fat Middle" and the Segmentation of Corporate Legal Work “Fat Middle” is a term that has been applied by legal pundits to describe that broad range of legal tasks between “bespoke” work (“bet the company” cases, mega-mergers, major Governmental investigations, etc.) and high-volume, low value tasks (e-discovery, document review,... read more →
Nov 18

What Plaintiff Class Action Lawyers Can Teach Us

It’s easy to be critical of Plaintiff class action lawyers: They are the Oakland Raiders of the legal profession They are more successful than the Raiders, though They are “the one percent” of law (or a good part of it) Detractors call them “ambulance chasers on steroids.” They are aggressive... read more →
Nov 10

A Glossary of Legal Terms

With so much being written about the changes afoot in the legal ecosystem, it is a good time to revisit the practical definition of some key terms. Here is a sampling: Chinese Wall: a term applied to a conflict that involves lots of money and the construct by which it... read more →
Nov 03

Lawball: How Law Parallels Baseball

Life imitates baseball; that much we can stipulate. So too does law parallel baseball. And what better time to explore that parallel than after a thrilling seven game World Series Let’s Start with Farm Teams Long-time baseball fans–those who predate the designated hitter, multiple teams making the playoffs, and a... read more →