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Law and Paradox

Law is derived from logic and experience. It has rules to govern its application, penalties for its violation, and remedies for those aggrieved. Yet it tends to be slow, unpredictable,... read more →

“Teach Your Children Well”

Some Things Law Schools Should Teach A blizzard of media coverage on the educational crisis and its unsustainable model concludes that for many students, higher education is no longer such... read more →

What’s A Lawyer?

The Oxford dictionary defines a lawyer as: “A person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor.” That definition might be expanded to include: (1) licensure; (2) engages... read more →

Why Legal Mosaic?

I decided to name this blog “Legal Mosaic” for a number of reasons. I am a visual person and, so, try to inject visual images–and metaphors-- into written and oral... read more →