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Jun 02

Legal Clickbait?

The English language is undergoing an overhaul. That’s not news to anyone who has been around kids or is superficially exposed to popular culture. But when, as recently occurred, many of those neologisms and acronyms are included in the dictionary, it’s time to take notice–and not just for Scrabble or... read more →
May 26

Bulking up and Flexing: The Shell Way

Years ago a friend took me to Venice Beach to watch, in her words, “the curious freak show of men and women power lifting and flexing by the Pacific.” It was a strange scene and made me wonder, “Why are they doing this and who are they doing it for?”... read more →
May 18

How Important is Collaboration for Lawyers?

“Collaboration” as applied to lawyers is like “student athlete” to big-time college football and basketball players: more feel-good myth than reality. Because lawyers–like elite athletes–have been taught that competition yields winners and losers; theirs is a zero sum game. Yes, there are teams/firms, and one is encouraged to be a... read more →
May 04
Apr 27

A Feel Good Story for Law?

Walter Cronkite, a legendary reporter turned news anchor at a time when that meant something substantially more than simply reading stories written by others, was asked why so much news was bad. He responded there were so many positive things that occurred every day that they simply did not elevate... read more →
Apr 19

Manifest Destiny Law Firm Style

Horace Greeley, the American author, famously counseled pioneers to “Go West, young man” to advance the nation’s manifest destiny by expanding to the other coast. Law firms, of course, have figuratively heeded Greeley’s expansionist rhetoric for many years. Initially, they forged what would become national firms and, later, established outposts... read more →
Apr 13

The Metamorphosis: Law Firm Version

Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, begins with its protagonist waking up to find himself transformed into a hideous insect. The novella chronicles his attempt to cope with this vexing transformation, especially as it relates to those close and familiar to him. Could this be the fate of law firms? The scope... read more →
Apr 06

The Death of Lawyers is Greatly Exaggerated

Richard Susskind gave palpations to thousands of lawyers back in 2008 when “The End of Lawyers?” was published. The author’s track record as a legal soothsayer, coupled with the convulsions affecting the global economy to which law was far from immune, ruffled many stiff feathers. Of course, the provocative title... read more →
Mar 31
Mar 24

The Reluctant Rise of Project Management in Law

Snapshot: Project Managers in the U.S. versus the UK According to the Altman Weil Flash Survey “Law Firms in Transition 2014,” 41.3% of the law firms surveyed (including 42% of the 350 largest US law firms) reported that training in Project Management (“PM”) is key to increased efficiency in legal... read more →