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Oct 07

China’s Latest Export: Legal Services

China is known for its exports, but legal services? Chinese law firms have begun to export legal services beyond its vast domestic market and to create an international footprint. The domestic success of China’s largest firms, liberalized trade agreements, key alliances with Hong Kong firms, and international strategic planning are... read more →
Oct 02

Why Are Lawyers So Unpopular and Stressed?

The title suggests a work of epic length–War and Peace comes to mind.  There are so many reasons why lawyers are unpopular and stressed.  So why bother attempting to discuss them, even in “greatest hits” fashion?  Because things can–should–get better. But it will require some changes. Lawyers Are Unpopular–They Just... read more →
Sep 24

Law School Building Boom; Really?

Several months ago, my wife and I drove past a big hole in the ground, not far from where we live. “What’s the sign say?” I asked. “Don’t go off on a jag,” she said with a slight giggle, “It says ‘Future New Home of American University Law School.” “Why... read more →
Sep 16

Law Firm Networks: A Quiet Giant

Law firm networks are seldom mentioned in what has become a popular parlor game for legal pundits: speculating who – and what structure – will disrupt the global legal market. Why is this? Law firm networks have quietly multiplied in number, size, geographical reach, and – to a lesser extent... read more →
Sep 08
Sep 01

Who Do I Sell To? The Legal Service Providers’ Dilemma

The sales process in law used to be so simple: partner at law firm has a relationship with the General Counsel or a subordinate in-house attorney. Company has a legal matter and ships the matter over to the firm who handles it start-to-finish. An invoice is presented. It reads: “For... read more →
Aug 11

To be, or not to be: A Prospective Lawyer’s Dilemma

Ok, so the decision to pursue or forego a legal career hardly elevates to Prince Hamlet’s existential choice of living a pained life or ending it to endure something perhaps worse. But let’s face it: embarking upon a legal career is no longer a reserved seat for a comfortable, predictable... read more →
Jul 24

Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Blues: Legal Remix

For those not old enough to remember Eddie Cochran’s classic “Summertime Blues”–or the cover by The Who--listen to it on YouTube and it will put a smile on your face, if not propel you to abandon your desk and race into the sunshine. Guitar strumming he sings: “I'm gonna raise... read more →
Jun 29

Service Partner Resurrected?

Law is a knowledge- based business. As such, one would imagine that those with the greatest depth of knowledge–and highest value to clients–would maintain an elevated status in their firms and be compensated accordingly. But such is not the case in today’s legal marketplace where who and what is of... read more →
Jun 22

By Stealth or By Storm? The BigFour and the Legal Market

It does not take Perry Mason to crack the case that the BigFour intend to be major players in the global legal market. Steve Varley, Ernst & Young’s managing partner in the UK and Ireland made that clear: “We aren’t competing with the business models of traditional law firms, we... read more →